South West Self-Management Program

Self-Management Tips

Never judge a patient's unhealthy self care actions. Your job is to guide them to a better quality of life.

To obtain a copy of Self-Management in Theory and Practice: A Guide for Healthcare Providers, click here.

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"Help me get through the maze of self-management models and instruction! Where can I start?" Anonymous Healthcare Worker

The purpose of this site is to allow healthcare providers to quickly learn the basics of helping patients be better self-managers of their health care. We know that providers are confused about the best ways to deliver self-management support to their patients. We have heard that in their busy day they need easy-to-use tools to get started helping their patients with self care. To that end, this site has been divided into three modules that teach the healthcare provider to:

  1. Assess where patients are with their self care and elicit a care issue relevant to their lives
  2. Assist patients to set a behavioural goal that addresses their self care issue and design a simple action plan that helps the patient take his/her first steps toward achieving that goal
  3. Assist patients with enacting their action plans and to undertake follow-up with patients to ensure their continued success.

The modules are a mix of text and video-based instruction to accommodate different learning styles. Each module offers important resources for further learning as well as links to related topics and literature. References to the hardcopy tool kit - Self-Management in Theory and Practice: A Guide for Healthcare Providers developed by Gina Tomaszewski and Christina O'Callaghan are made.

An additional feature of the website is the ability for users to track their own progress through the modules making it convenient to leave the site and return at a later date. There is a 'Note Pad' area for jotting ideas and notes, and a 'Front Line Feedback' area, where users can confidentially share successes and struggles with self-management concepts and learn from each other.

In order to use the site, you will need to provide some very basic information about yourself (it won't hurt a bit), and a password to login. This information is kept confidential and will not be used for any other purpose than reminding you of your progress, and tracking aggregate statistics of website use.

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We hope that you find this website useful. In an effort to continually improve the site, we look forward to your comments and suggestions. You can email us using our contact form.