Join the Health Literacy Movement

We’re passionate about Health Literacy! So, over the last few years we've been raising awareness about the effects low health literacy has on patients and our community. Positive health outcomes increase when people “truly understanding” what and why their doing something for their health. 

We’d love your help spreading the word about this important issue.  If you’d like to become a health literacy champion, there are a number of ways you can get involved; including posting some "Real Life" posters at your organization, handing out "Teach Back" cards to patients and colleagues or registering for one of our FREE Health literacy workshops.  To help put things in perspective please have a look at the Health Literacy Overview below.

Health Literacy Overview.

60% of Canadians have low health literacy!

This means that many patients do not have the knowledge to manage their health or health-care needs.  Health Literacy is defined as a persons’ ability “to access, understand, evaluate and communicate information as a way to promote, maintain and improve health in a variety of settings across the life course.”

In other words, health literacy is more than just reading and writing. It’s about how people find, understand, use and share information to make decisions about their health.   For health professionals, practicing health literacy includes a responsibility to communicate clearly and effectively with patients (both verbally and non-verbally).  It also requires checking for understanding and empowering patients to make informed health related action plans.

Low health literacy is linked to poor health outcomes, increased emergency room visits and hospitalizations and fewer connections to preventative care services. Unfortunately, it also means higher mortality rates for seniors.

To learn more about our programs or talk about how we can work together to promote health literacy please connect with Sally Boyle at 519-421-5674 or .