Brief Action Planning

Struggling to help your patients set action plans that work?
Frustrated with the time constraints of an appointment?
Patients experiencing ambivalence or low confidence?

If so, this concise program will support you in making your “brief” interactions successful for you and your patients!

Tailoring support to where people are at recognizes that individuals possess different levels of knowledge, skill and confidence in managing their health. The typical approach to coaching and care planning drives a sense of urgency, emphasizing where a patient should be instead of what a patient is capable of currently doing.

Brief Action Planning (BAP) is based on the premise that motivation comes from within the person. Our role is to guide people toward creating their own plans, adjusting our support as needed, and always seeking to build confidence in those we work with.

The Training

Flexible in approach, BAP is available as a 1, 2 or 3 hour workshop depending on the needs of the individual or organization receiving the training. Designed to be delivered for small groups (max 20 people), workshop participants learn a highly structured, stepped care, self-management support technique. Comprised of a series of three questions and five skills, BAP is an efficient and effective tool for use by health and social service professionals supporting people to make changes in their lives.

In addition to the workshop session, participants are required to participate in a mandatory feedback call. During the call, participants use patient scenarios to practice BAP and receive feedback from certified BAP specialists. Certificates of completion are given to participants upon completion of the workshop and one feedback call. Opportunities for additional feedback and coaching are available.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:
  • Define BAP and understand the theory behind it.
  • Demonstrate the three questions and five skills of BAP.
  • Understand how they might be able to apply BAP in their practice.
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