"Information is relevant to not only client professionals consultations but also community outreach, programming and educational sessions."
~T.O., Community Health Representative
"Fantastic workshop, every health care provider should take it!"
~J.N. Social Worker
“Excellent workshop. Left feeling that it was both a good use of my educational time and the skills I learned, skills reviewed and skills reinforced was valuable to my current/future role as a clinician." 
~ I.T., Family Medicine Resident
" Energizing, refreshing, a great review."
"Excellent workshop. Well paced and fun. Like the non-formal relaxed and blame free atmosphere."
~J.T. - Administrative Staff
"Made me really step back and think about the medical terminology that I am using to clients and staff."
" Makes you want to change and do better"
~A.F. Medical Administrative Assistant
"Just wanted to say thanks for a great workshop on Monday (Choices and Changes).  It was a great refresher and of course there are  always  new things to learn and different ways to approach the technique.   It definitely re motivated me to put to practice some of the techniques that have fallen by the wayside."
~S.D., Nurse 
"The day was very well balanced with videos, discussions as a group, question and answers. I did learn some new techniques and will be sharing them with my staff. This will benefit our clients in our community and program."
~S.S., Nursing Manger 

"The presenter did a wonderful job of facilitating this workshop. It was a pleasure to listen to her expertise. "
~D.F., Occupational Therapist

"Great and clear speaker. I learned a lot. Everything I learned will definitely be used."
~H.M., Personal Support Worker

"Great job! Fun and informative."
~B.P., Personal Support Worker
" Great engaging presentation and presenter. Lots of opportunities to learn new skills and improve existing ones.
~JS., Registered Nurse
"Excellent workshop, love to take part in more workshops."
~EC., Diabetes Admin Assistant
"Great workshop with applicable and concrete skills taught. Engaging and humorous facilitator who helped create a comfortable learning environment"
~KW., SWCCAC Care Coordinator
"Honestly I was looking for a workshop like this to learn more and most importantly to practice "motivational interview" skills which is so important and relevant to the type of work I do with my clients." Many thanks!
~HS., Community Worker
" Great presenters, kept the momentum throughout the sessions. Great job!"
~ BC., Dietitian
“There were many nuggets. As a manager it was helpful to participate  with front-line staff and a have the point of reference for discussions with staff about their work with clients; and conviction, confidence and goal setting in general. Well done and Thanks!”
~ N.S., Client services manager

“Awesome Workshop! No matter who takes this workshop, no matter how long you’ve been in your respective job field – there is always room for positive growth!”
~ D. B., Social Worker
"Excellent presentation and sharing of situations and experiences. Participants encouraged to be involved through out the day. Very pleasant and educational!"
~ JG., Volunteer
"Practical advice for working with clients day to day, how to phrase questions. Helps with my assessment skills."
~SB., Mental Health Case Manager