What is Self-Management

Self-management is the individual’s ability to be the director of their care. They have the knowledge, understanding and resources to make decisions around their health (physical, social and emotional health) working in partnership with all members of their health care team.

What is self-management support?

Self-management support can be offered by service providers, family, friends and caregivers who support the person to manage their well-being. They may do this by providing physical, social or emotional support to the person.

Health self-management is about working with people to make choices to:

  • Understand their condition
  • Learn skills that can be used to deal with new problems as they arise
  • Practice new health behaviours
  • Have emotional well-being

Basics of self-management

  • Taking care of the health condition
  • Creating a plan in partnership with health professionals, significant others, caregivers and other supporters
  • Managing the physical, emotional, occupational and social change of the condition
  • Adopting a lifestyle that addresses risk factors and promotes health by focusing on prevention and early intervention
  • Having access to and confidence in the ability to use support services

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